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After Stroke Care

Stroke Support and Aftercare Tailored to You

A stroke or a transient ischaemic attack (TIA) can have a life-changing impact on a person. It doesn’t just affect the individual – it affects the entire family.

Harino Care provides stroke aftercare services. With these stroke support services, we enable you or your loved ones to receive care without having to move from the family home.

Help for stroke victims doesn’t have to mean being treated in unfamiliar surroundings. In fact, stroke recovery can swiftly improve with the help of your loved ones in familiar surroundings.

We’ve provided stroke support for many customers in our 2 years providing care in the home. Our stroke support workers are experienced in caring for stroke patients at home, affected by large vessel thrombosis, embolic and haemorrhagic strokes, and much more.


Our aftercare services are tailored entirely around the requirements of the individual. This flexible approach minimises the upheaval associated with changes to routines and lifestyle and can potentially aid stroke rehabilitation. Our carers come to deliver the medical care their customers need around their established routines.

With stroke home care from Harino Care, individuals affected by such medical conditions can recover in surroundings they’re familiar with, and around pets, and loved ones. This can make the recuperation process quicker, as the home is also a good environment in which to relearn skills, or adapt to any physical limitations that might be present.

We also work closely with district nurses, hospitals, GPs, families, and other healthcare organisations to develop a stroke care plan. This enables our team of carers to constantly learn about the complexities that stroke support services require. This also enables us to ensure that our customers receive the best level of care possible. District nurses can also come in to provide additional stroke support if needed.

Help with physiotherapy exercises, mobility, as well as other household tasks, like preparing meals, and cleaning, can be provided. Throughout the stroke rehabilitation process, you or your loved ones will get all the motivational and emotional support you or they need to restore confidence.

With our stroke aftercare services, our stroke support workers can also help with sensitive personal care issues – from toileting, and bathing to washing and continence care. As well as medical support, our carers are also around to offer a listening ear – to share interests with the people they look after.

Harino Care carers understand how important it is to communicate with their customers. And where communication is an issue, they’ll find a method that works for you, or your loved one.

At Harino Care, we understand how difficult it can be to choose stroke aftercare. Allowing a carer to enter the home is something that worries people considering home care for stroke patients. Our friendly team of advisors are here to explain all aspects of the stroke support services we offer.