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Domiciliary Care

What is Domiciliary Care?

Domiciliary care consists of a number of individual visits during a day. It could be one visit per day to several visits per day, 7 days a week. Each visit could have a different length (usually 30min to 1 hour) and the most common are Early, Lunch Time, Tea Time and Bed Time visits. Harino  offers our domiciliary care services across the Berkshire and Oxfordshire regions.

Depending on the client’s needs a person centred Package of Care is tailored in order to supply the care needed. Some visits could be done by 2 carers at a time to allow proper help, especially with moving and positioning a client if needed.

Personal Care

Our Carers are professionally trained to offer Personal Care. We do understand how delicate and sensitive is to gain confidence between a carer and a client. We do respect out clients preference for female or male carer to provide Personal Care.

Care in the Home – Falls Prevention

Visiting Hourly Care – at Harino Care we believe that prevention is better than cure. Many of our customers are concerned about falling over and often this is the cause of great anxiety for them and their families, especially when they live alone.

Having a visiting hourly carer pop in during the day and evening is often enough to provide reassurance. During their visit they can also assist you with the aspects of daily living that if you were to undertake yourself, may make you more vulnerable and prone to falling.

Having a carer visit means that if you had fallen, they would be able to raise the alarm and seek help for you immediately.

Falling is such a concern because of the implications and long term damage, especially to someone who is already frail. The champions for older people Age UK have a dedicated awareness week in each year and have suggested
“A fall can destroy confidence, increase isolation and reduce independence.”

Help around the House

You may find that you are struggling to keep on top of things at home. A visiting carer is perfect to help with the more physical tasks and housekeeping, supporting you with everyday cooking and cleaning as well as laundry and shopping. Let us take the worry out of these everyday tasks so that you can get on with your day.

From Family Care to Professional Care

Perhaps you are currently supported by family, friends or neighbours and your needs have increased. It is often at this stage that our customers come to us in order to put care arrangements in place. The Carers Week 2012 survey shows two in five unpaid carers are putting off medical treatment to care for a loved one.

Harino Care can support you to readdress the balance, your family can remain as involved as you want them to be whilst our professional carer regularly visits to meet your requirements. The benefit is that family can take a step back and have a well-deserved break.

We can support with short regular visits or longer sits, for a whole afternoon for example, as well as overnight or ongoing live in respite care. We can work together to find a solution that is perfect for you.

Hospital Discharge Care

The urgent need for care is often placed upon families when a discharge from hospital is reliant on having the appropriate level of care and support in place. Our local assessors can react quickly, liaising with the hospital discharge team and other care professionals involved on your behalf to allow a safe and prompt return home.

A visiting carer can help with recuperation, convalescence and rehabilitation, working alongside District Nurses and Occupational Therapists when health can be at its most fragile, building confidence and strength, day by day. Often we can assist in facilitating a discharge home from hospital by ensuring that any equipment or modifications to the house are in place

Dementia Care

Harino Care understand the very specific daily challenges of living with and caring for someone with dementia. When you choose Harino Care it will be with the reassurance that appropriate specialist dementia care will be provided at home. A visiting carer will be sensitive to your individual needs, have a good level of understanding of your condition and be able to provide as much reassurance, support and guidance as required.

We have developed specific resources to help carers engage and orientate those living with dementia at home. The Harino Care dementia toolkit is designed around the researched evidence that visual prompts can be more helpful than words alone. Resources available include guidance on life story work, activity planners and flash cards for use around the home.

The realisation that somebody you love is no longer able to fully look after themselves can be one of the hardest. However, with over half the people we support having some form of memory loss we are successfully customers with Vascular Dementia, Lewy Body, Frontal Temporal (Picks) and Alzheimer’s with visiting care within the comfort of their own home. The familiarity of home and consistency of routine are both key in caring for someone with dementia, our professionally trained team offer both.

Loss of confidence

Our carers put your needs and expectations at the centre of everything that they do, empowering you to take control and encouraging and promoting your independence at all times. It is only natural that your confidence goes when you are unable to complete the everyday tasks you always have done.

If it is reassurance that you need our visiting carers will work with you in partnership, giving you the extra support and care you need, involving you every step of the way. This may involve an overnight stay to attend to any night needs and give the confidence that somebody else is in the house. As you gain in confidence we can reduce the level of care we provide.

Hourly Visiting Care: Providing a Safe Service

Providing a timely and efficient service is extremely important to our hourly visiting care customers. Quite rightly, our customers and Harino Care expect the carers to arrive at the right time each day, with many people being completely dependent on this visit to help them out of bed, wash, eat, take medication and retire to bed at the end of the day. Timing is everything.

Harino Care uses the aid of technology via GPS mobile solutions for efficient scheduling – getting the right carers to the right customers at the right time.

Our Director, Peter Prucha explains how it works, “Using GPS mobile solutions means that our carers’ visiting care schedules can be updated in real-time on their mobile phone. This feature gives staff more time for visits, providing even more care for our customers.”

The use of IT delivers efficient service scheduling so we know exactly where a carer is and at what time. Of course, the system cannot stop daily events such as bad weather or an accident on the road from putting carers behind schedule; but it creates automated alerts so we can reschedule and communicate with our customers. As one of the leading providers of home help care in West Berkshire, we believe this level of communication with our customers is absolutely key to us providing an unbeatable service